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Joining Career Linguist 2018's Most Uplifting Experience

I met Anna Marie Trester, the founder of Career Linguist, years ago when I was interviewed for her "Stories around the Campfire" series. The organization's tagline is "We studied linguistics; what next?" and I was sharing my career trajectory with the campers in the program.

A year later was my moment to ask what do I want to do, really? And that situation morphed into the work I do now, blending academic research with community engagement. I was helping others when I came to Career Linguist and then I stuck around because my trajectory took a different turn.

Once I established the Language and Heritage Institute, I needed a support network, and the Career Linguist Mighty Network has been there for me and for many others. There are several "Co-working sessions" online weekly where members check in and talk about what they want to accomplish in the 2-hour work session. We check back in after each hour and hold each other accountable, celebrating accomplishments and learning about the variety of work people engage in after a degree in linguistics.

What I love about the work Anna Marie is doing is how she is always thinking about how skills learned studying linguistics can transfer and apply to such a wide range of professional activities. Her book is about how we bring linguistics to work, and it's fantastic.

In general, Career Linguist provides a network of supportive members, fun sessions, informational webinars, and a few great friends. Take a look!

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